Commercial SSL

  • Validation: DV

  • €200,000 (~S$325 184) WARRANTY

  • Secures a single domain name

CERTUM Commercial SSL is a simple certificate issued by Polish CERTUM CA.

It secures one main address and encrypts Internet communication at high level 256-bit.


  • 99.00% browser recognition

  • 128-256 bit encryption strength

  • 2048 / 4096-bit root

  • Faster Verification

  • Ideal for intranets and extranets security

  • Universal major browser compatibility

  • Free CERTUM Site Seal - a sign of your credibility

  • Secures unlimited no. of servers with only 1 SSL certificate

  • Certificate contains a domain name

  • Recognition of a domain as a trusted domain name in a global network - compliance with WebTrustSM/TM criteria

Certificates are supported by

  • IE
  • AOL
  • Netscape
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

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