Reseller Program

Do you want to sell SSL certificates? Are you planning to expand the scope of your services?

Reseller Program allows you to obtain the most favorable prices for more than 111 SSL certificates, issued by of the 11 world's leading vendors. Probably it's the widest offer you can find.

What Do You Gain?

  • tested recipe for PROFIT;
  • access to the widest choice of SSL certificates on the market;
  • competitive prices of our products;
  • rapid execution of orders;
  • full automation of the system;
  • a wide range of plug-ins to facilitate the integration of the system;
  • access to modern API;
  • safety of transactions and data;
  • high flexibility in the choice of margin that you offer your customers;
  • permanent access to money deposed on your account,
  • support of dedicated consultants who will help you;
  • multilingual support;
  • access to our know-how;
  • marketing support with customer acquisition.

WHMCS Plugin


Plugin allows you to choose, configure and sell a wide range of SSL certificates from the most recognized vendors.

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control.

Matt, WHMCS Founder/Lead Developer

WHMCS plugin requirements

  • PHP 5.2 - 5.6,
  • MySQL with InnoDB engine,
  • PHP — cURL support,
  • PHP — json support.

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Reseller Program rules

  • This offer is dedicated to companies.
  • In order to join the Reseller Program it is required to prepay the Reseller account with amount which allows you to start selling products. These funds will be used to realize yours customer orders.
  • The partner status is determined by the account balance at 00:00 hour on the last day of each quarter (March, June, September and December) and is valid for the next quarter.
  • Reseller prices are determined by the partner status in the quarter which the order is made.
  • Reseller who joins the Program will be signed to the right status in 24 hours after making first prepaid.
  • In case of withdrawal funds allocated on the Reseller account, if this results in losing partner account balance below the threshold held, the amount will be reduced by the difference between orders price from the last period and the price which starts to be valid after withdrawal.
  • Commission of online payment is 3% of total amount


Use unlimited SSL API to automatize SSL certificates ordering process and management of it by your customers.

Do you sell or would you like to start selling SSL certificates? Our SSL API gives you unlimited access to all operations you need for it! API tool helps you with SSL ordering, makes it faster and secures all your operations.

Connection with API is totally encrypted and protected with SSL certificate. To access the SSL API server you have to specify IP address of your server which will be used to connect the API. Thanks to the https:// protocol, the entire communications process is safe and undisturbed.

Our API allows you to streamline the purchasing process. You do not have to pay for making a specialized tool. The only thing you need is to integrate your system with the solutions proposed by our service.SSL API access is free of expense.

Using SSL API you get:

  • easy access to helpful technology,
  • full security of all processes,
  • effective technical support,
  • guarantee of reliability,
  • totally no fees tool.

Partner Pricing

Deposit rates in Reseller Program.

Pay as You Grow (PaYG) - transfer and allocate money on your account. With the growth of your amount volume, your status is rising: from „Silver”, through „Gold”, to „Platinum”. Higher status gives you better conditions.

Partner Status Promo deposit price (USD) Standard deposit price (USD)
Silver 300 1500
Gold 1500 6000
Platinum 6000 15000